Our cashmere & how to take care of it

Quality, source and material sustainability belong to our highest values. As for cashmere, we made sure we had not lowered any of our standards (neither with other products), so our scarves are made of top quality organic cashmere from sustainable sources and with fair conditions for all of the participants.

Organic cashmere we use for our scarfs has GOTS and OEKO-TEX certificates, meaning it meets the strictest criteria for organic materials. These certificates and principles associated with them go hand in hand with keeping of the goats whose hair is the source of the cashmere. Cashmere that we use is produced within Good Cashmere Standard, which oversees keeping three main principles: good life conditions for the goats in cashmere producing, support of the farmers and keeping a sustainable source of income and protection of the environment. Fair conditions are being met for all of the employees during the process of cashmere making – from financial evaluation to ethics and work environment.   

Cashmere is unique not only for production, but also its qualities. Cashmere products are very soft to touch, gently glossy and foremost very comfortable and warming to wear. Cashmere is up to eight times more warming that sheep wool, so you do not have to worry about ever feeling cold while wearing it. All of this matches up with the fact that the goats, whose hair is gathered to make cashmere, live in high altitudes with very low temperatures – even there they are protected from the freeze by their own hair. 

Cashmere products are very gentle and it is necessary to take good and considerate care of them, only like that they will last in your wardrobe for years and in the same great condition that you once purchased them in. It is good to air dry the scarf after every wear, meaning simply hang it and let it rest for a little bit. It is recommended not to wash the products too often, so all of the qualities are kept for as long as possible. If the scarf need washing, it is better to leave it in hands of experienced dry cleaning services, or you can wash by hand in lukewarm water with a little bit of detergent for delicate laundry; you can also use a baby shampoo. Put the scarf in it and softly turn it around on both sides, then exchange the water for a clear one and repeat the process. After finishing, squeeze the scarf gently through its whole length, so the remains of water are drained, then spread it out evently on a flat absorbent area (e.g. a towl on a floor) and let it dry naturally. Do not dry on direct sun nor the heating, the material could be inevitably wrecked.