Introducing our jewelry line

We view jewelry not only as a garnish of every outfit, but also as a natural confidence boost. That's why since the very beginning, we have known that our jewelry will be made of top-quality rigorously manufactured materials, so you can feel the best while wearing them. We've chosen 14k yellow gold and lab-grown diamonds (you can find out more about those in this article), because we trust that the combination of diamonds and gold is what can enhance the feeling of confidence. Jewelry of such quality and design is a wise investment, because it will embellish you for the rest of your life. Not in vain do we say that gold and diamonds are forever.

As with all other Ariette products, even with the jewelry collection we take pride in choosing top quality materials and perfect manufactory, with respect to the work ethics and sustainability. All of our jewelry is made in New York and designed as minimalistic and elegant accessories that can be combined and layered according to the look that you are going for. 

We believe that jewelry is for every-day wear, even if some signs of use are to be shown throughout the years. Small scratches or grazings are merely a mark of the fact that your jewels go through all of your casual or unforgettable life moments. If you keep up with a few simple jewelry care instructions, they will last forever.

  • After taking your jewelry off, wipe it with a dry and soft cloth to remove the remains of cosmetic products, sebum or sweat, whenever you remember to do so. 
  • It's better to take off your jewelry before going into chlorinated water, getting in touch with chemicals (e.g. while cleaning), doing a physical activity or before using a cosmetic product.
  • If your gold looses it's gloss after some time, you can polish it with a cotton cloth or a special cotton wool from a jewelry store. You can also choose professional cleaning services in the course of years. 
  • From time to time, diamonds can be cleaned with a damp cloth or warm water.