how to take care of silk

Real silk is an organic, naturally glowy and unbelievably soft material, which needs to be taken care of in the right way. The care of silk products is very simple, yet utterly necessary for keeping the quality of the material and the shape of clothes. Only with good care, luxurious silk gems will last in your wardrobe for many years.  

The essential and most important point is to never use a washing machine. We recommend entrusting silk to a verified and skilled dry cleaning service, one that knows how to take care of silk. Or you can hand wash at home – in cold water (30°C max) with a detergent for delicate laundry. While washing, swish the silk gently, never scrub or squeeze, then rinse in cold water. Silk should never be wrung.  

Drying the silk should be natural and in a horizontal position, so that unwanted creasing isn't created. Silk dries quickly, never let it dry on direct sun nor on your heating. 

Slightly wrinkled silk is best to put on a hanger and let it air dry and straighten up naturally. If ironing is necessary, do it carefully and iron on low-heat setting (100°C max). 

Every silk piece has a natural build up of static electricity, which wears off gradually.
Wearing real silk brings a beautiful feeling of confidence and luxury, for which we can repay by taking the right and thorough care. In return, silk will last in your wardrobe for years and years.