ariette & sustainability

An important part of our bussiness is responsibility towards the future – the climate, the planet, the humankind. We believe that like anywhere else, it is the steps of individuals and small companies that count and that all together create something big. So we came upon the journey of slow fashion, natural materials and a responsible approach towards human work. Such a journey is perhaps thorny and lengthy, but the feeling of reaching the goal and having the final product in our hands is that much more beautiful. 

Slow fashion stands for a few main principles, which we in Ariette go by as well: 

  • Our collections don't fall under trends – we create pieces that are wardrobe essentials and last for years 
  • Quality over quantity
  • We know the value of human work and adequately reward it
  • We use mainly organic materials and during the process of growing there is no chemistry nor inadequate ammount of water usage 
  • If possible, the fabrics we use have GOTS certificate

We pay attention to sustainability on every step of the way, always trying to get better and choose those options that have the least impact on the environment. After all of that, there is a feeling of good conscience not only within us, but also within you, when you wear the product. Together we make little steps that can eventually lead to some big things. 

An effort for sustainability in fashion also means consideration whilst shopping and purchasing only those pieces that really fit into your wardrobe, and that you can make a true use of while creating outfits. Basic pieces in easily combinable colours are ideal for that. 

Clothes that are the result of sustainable fashion creations will be staples in your wardrobe and your heart, because wearing quality and responsibility brings an incredibly satisfying feeling.